Lead Generation Chatbots

These chatbots are designed to engage with website visitors and qualify them as potential leads. They often collect contact information and provide relevant content or resources.

Customer Service Chatbots

These are used to handle customer inquiries and issues. They can provide information, troubleshoot problems, and direct customers to the appropriate resources.

Appointment Scheduling Chatbots

These help users schedule appointments or book services. They integrate with calendars and booking systems to provide real-time availability and booking options.

Onboarding and Training Chatbots

These assist new employees or users in getting started with a product, service, or system. They can provide guidance, resources, and answer common questions.

Feedback and Survey Chatbots

These bots are used to collect feedback from customers or users. They can conduct surveys, gather opinions, and provide a channel for feedback.

Research Chatbots

hese are designed to assist researchers in finding relevant papers, articles, and resources related to their field of study. They can also help with citation formatting.

HR and Recruitment Chatbots

These assist in the recruitment process by answering candidate queries, scheduling interviews, and providing information about job openings.

Personal Assistant Chatbots

These bots are designed to help users with tasks like scheduling, reminders, and basic information retrieval. They are often used in productivity and organization applications.

AI Persona Chatbots

AI persona chatbots are designed to mimic the behavior and personality of a specific character or persona. Instead of having a generic, neutral tone, these chatbots are given a distinct identity.

FAQ Chatbots

These bots are designed to answer frequently asked questions. They are typically used on websites to provide quick and easy access to basic information.



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